San Francisco Jam on Thursday June 14, 2007

On Thursday May 31, 2007 San Francisco Cartoonist Conspiracy Cell will be having our Comic Jam at the Church St. Café (formally called Muddy Waters Café). NOTE: The address on the calendar (on the sidebar) shows it at Cafe International, this is wrong.

The meetings are on the second and last Thursday of the month.e International, this is wrong. Folks start arriving around 6:30 to 7:00 pm and we usually hang around till 9-10 depending on how folks are feeling.

Work continues on the Epic battle between Robots and Bunnies. WHO WILL WIN?

The location can easily be reached from BART/MUNI.

Church St. Café (formally called Muddy Waters)
260 Church Street
San Francisco, CA 94114

For more information, comments, questions …. e-mail Doc Popular.


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Brian Kolm is a Artist and Instructor working in the San Francisco Bay Area. His work can be seen at

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