The 700 Underwear Clad Vigilante Mutants Project

We’ve previously mentioned the 700 Hobos Project on a few occasions. ApeLad, by far the most prolific drawer of hobos (and also one of the best) recently completed his interpretations of all 700 of John Hodgman’s 700 hobos (plus change). Without missing a beat, he announced the new 700 Underwear Clad Vigilante Mutants project. I’ll definitely be participating. This time the names are all user submitted… they have 640 at the time of this post. Then the drawing begins!

In addition, a 700 Bunnies Project just popped up. I’ll probably start a 700 Gangsters project when the Vigilante Mutants comes to an end, unless someone beats me to it.

One thought on “The 700 Underwear Clad Vigilante Mutants Project

  1. you should just start it now, they can go on at the same time . . .

    -curtis (I’m too lazy to login)

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