Fallcon and BookFest are this Saturday, Oct 16th!

  Hey Twin Cities fans o’ comics–you have 2 big options this weekend on how to spend your hard-earned dollar-dollar bills, yo!

  First off, the autumnal classic FALLCON!  Traditionally this celebration of superheroes, toys, and costumes was a 2-day event, but it and SPRINGCON have swapped places and now FALLCON is the one-day wonder!  But don’t despair fans o’ indie comics, many of your favorite indie creators will be sitting side by side with big  mainstream names like legend HERB TRIMPE!!!  So look for Conspirators ZANDER CANNON, DAVID STEINLICHT, RYAN DOW, SCOTT GALLATIN, VAS LITTLECROW, SEAN LYNCH, JON SLOAN, BRIAN BASTIAN, LATHAM LUEPKE, and DANIEL J OLSON, as well as our many local indie comics friends.  

   But if you’re looking for what is shaping up to be almost an indie comic show within a show, look no further than THE TWIN CITIES BOOK FEST!   In addition to a bevy of authors and exhibitors you will find KEVIN CANNON, LUPI McGINTY(and her husband/author MARK McGINTY), MIKE TOFT, BILL PRENDERGAST, DANNO KLONOWSKI, LARS MARTINSON, WILL DINSKI, BOB LIPSKI, KEN AVIDOR, 2D CLOUD, TIM SIEVERT, and TOM K.  Also, venturing from Duluth will be CHRIS MONROE.  Additionally, ‘Vertigo’ darling and recent MN transplant BILL WILLINGHAM will be making his MN premiere (and be on a panel about comics in MN moderated by BRITT AAMODT, author of the upcoming book on MN cartoonists “SUPERHEROES, STRIP ARTISTS, and TALKING ANIMALS“).  If you were a fan of MIX, ‘Book Fest’ is the place to be!

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