Help Beta Test A Cartooning Textbook

Cartoonists Jessica Abel (La Perdita) and Matt Madden (A Fine Mess) are looking for some cartoonists or aspiring cartoonists to help test out their textbook on making comics that they are working on.

Note that the talented Miss Abel has a section of her site where she has provided some very cool tutorials on making, selling and getting comics that you can check out and see where she’s coming from.

Do You Want to learn to draw comics?
We are looking to form a group of volunteers in your area to help us “beta test” our textbook “Drawing Words and Writing Pictures”.

We are in need of motivated volunteers to create a comics group that would meet regularly to learn how to make comics using the teaching materials from our new comics textbook. we will be in frequent contact with the group and will offer any support that may be needed. We estimate the course will take about EIGHT MONTHS to a YEAR.

Read more about it on our message board here.

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