Ferdinand Magellan, the comic panel?

Frederick Melo is looking for an artist to collaborate with him on a comic strip… here is a description of the project from him, and his contact information:

Peanuts meets Zippy with a pinch of Doonesbury?

I’m a Minneapolis writer looking for a local artist who works for peanuts (Peanuts, get it?). My cartoon idea is called “Magellan.” This would be a simply drawn, 1, 2- or 4-panel strip, heavy on dialogue, featuring four urban hipsters in their late 20s. The common thread between them is Ferdinand Magellan, a somewhat sensitive, frustrated and neurotic copyeditor / headline writer at a Web service. Email reporterguy (at) hotmail.com and I’ll forward you up to 17 sample scripts.

Here’s an example of the typical four-panel repartee between Ferdinand and his best friend Weezie:

Ferdinand: Sometimes I feel damn useless.
Weezie: But swearing makes you so manly!

Ferdinand: So I have a college degree. If this were Caveman Days, I’d be eaten alive by mountain lions!
Weezie: The feline of the species is deadlier than the mountain goat.

Ferdinand: In Pioneer Days, I’d freeze to death.
Weezie: Michael Landon, protect us!

Ferdinand: In the Great Depression, I’d be selling my computer for parts.
Weezie: Effete intellectuals and blue state metrosexuals, unite! (Reboot! Reboot!)

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