Another NE Non-Profit asks Conspiracy to lend a hand on JUNE 12th!

   NE MPLS non-profit day program ACCESSABILITY has asked the Cartoonist Conspiracy to help raise some money for them by joining in the activities of their 2nd ANNUAL  WALK AND ROLL-A-THON on SATURDAY JUNE 12th.  Much like the AE event, ACCESSABILITY will be providing keepsake 5″x7″ paper of the event for us to draw on, we just need to provide ourselves and our drawing tools.  The drawings will be donation caricatures for disabled adults and their families/staff…but hey, if someone asks for Spider-Man or something, who are we to say no?

   The event runs from 9:30am to about 1pm and takes place at the NORTH MISSISSIPPI REGIONAL PARK.  Directions and all other information can be found at:

   If you are interested please either email danno -at- staplegenius -dhat- -calm- or leave a comment below.    THANKS!

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