MCBA 25th Anniversary–cartoonists needed

Hey All–I know I just posted about AE’s need for cartoonists on the 30th, but our friends over at the MN CENTER FOR BOOK ARTS are having their 25th Anniversary  on June 26thand would like us to hang out and draw comics with the youth (middle/high school is the projected age group).  The event would run from 1-4pm, and unlike previous Book Arts things we did, this would not be a ‘class’ or anything, we’d just be hanging out and drawing and telling kids why comics are awesome and helping them make their own with our “HOW TO MAKE A MINI-COMIC” books and templates.

   So, if you are interested please let me (Danno)  know either by replying here or emailing me if you are privy to that info.


5 thoughts on “MCBA 25th Anniversary–cartoonists needed

  1. I think this seems like a fun idea. Locally there are alot of kids who need some productive activities. I ma even kinow one or two. I’ll try to be there.

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