ZINEFEST 2010 is coming sooner than you think!  Several of us were there last yeat.  Lots of fun.  You should table and/or attend yourself!   

From Conspirator/Stuff Organizer Sarah Morean:

The Twin Cities Zinefest is now accepting exhibitor applications.  Go here to reserve your table today: http://zinefest.org/application/

Like in the past, we will only accept online applications until we are near capacity.  Then all applicants will go on a wait list.

Table and chair fees are the same as last year.  Please note the “optional message” field on page one of the application.  Use that space to indicate special needs (do you want to sit near an outlet?), seating preferences (would you like to sit near your friends?), or any name changes (would you prefer to be listed by your name, business, or zine in our promotional materials and online?).

Please remember that a half-table at Zinefest is larger than most half-tables at other craft or book shows and reserve your space accordingly.  A full-size table is 8’x30″!  That is very large.  At 4’x30″, a half-table suits most creators just fine, and by reserving a half-table, you will create more room in the space for additional creators, which means more fun for everyone!

Feel free to write me with any questions.

Sarah Morean
TC Zinefest Coordinator

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