1st ever Silicon Comic Jam – San Jose, CA – October 7

FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER Silicon in San Jose will be having it’s own Comic Book Jam. So anyone in the bay area who is not doing the 24 hour jam come is invited to help collaborate on a comic book story Saturday October 7th from 1pm to 12am. The guests will (hopefully) join in on the fun. The finished storie(s) will be auctioned off for chairty as well as posted on the web. Convention Membership is required.

Silicon is a small Sci-Fi/Fantasy convention that is a fundraising event for the Diabetes Society of Santa Clara Valley. Featured guest are Robert Meyer Burnett, Mark Bode, and Phil Yea as well as local cartoonist/creators/writers Joe Borelli of Golden Gate Universe, Alexis Fajardo of Lexpress, Mat Nastos of Nifty Comics, and Brian Kolm of Atomic Bear Press. There will be panels/workshops/discussions given by the guests as well as a dealers room featuring everything from sword replicas to authors like Peter S. Beagle (the last unicorn).

To find out more, visit: http://www.siliconventions.com/

About Brian Kolm

Brian Kolm is a Artist and Instructor working in the San Francisco Bay Area. His work can be seen at http://www.atomicbearpress.com.

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