Please Hassle Cartoonist Kevin Cannon to do the World’s First 288 Hour Graphic Novel

The Mineapolis cell of the International Cartoonist Conspiracy had it’s third annual >23 and <25 Hour Comics event this weekend (we couldn’t do it on 24 Hour Comics day this year due to a conflict with the wonderful Twin Cities comics convention Fallcon).

I believe we had 34 cartoonists participating… I’m not sure how many completed 24 pages, but I’m pretty sure it was a majority. I can’t wait to read them.

What will certainly be one of the best, Kevin Cannon’s comic, is already online. Kevin has done it for the past two years as well, and now has produced three of the best 24 Hour comics I’ve ever read… they don’t read or look at all like they were produced in 24 hours. They are amazing, beautiful and unique comics in my view.

Kevin was born to do this stuff… I keep hassling him to do it once every month and he could have a 288 page best-selling graphic novel in a year.

Please, help me intimidate this poor bastard.

I’m starting an informal campaign to get him to do this, as I think he will cave in to a "friendly lynch mob" of people interested in reading whatever he would come up with in 288 hours. If you are a publisher smart enough to see how amazing such a project would be, you should really move fast to make him an offer now.

To hassle him post a comment on his blog post here.

Since it would be the only 288 hour graphic novel I propose throwing some 24 hour comics rules out the window.

1) I think the goal of the 288 hour graphic novel should be totally different than the 24 hour comic. The goal should be to make a quality read rather than a quick comic. Thus, I think the artist should be free to PLAN all they want to outside of the 288 hours. They just shouldn’t put any lines on the final pages outside of the 288 hours. Planning would include research, preparatory sketches, and all of the writing and plotting they want. Nobody would want to spend 288 hours on something that sucks, so they should have the leeway to make it as good as they possibly can.

2) The 288 hours must be done in 12 24 consecutive hour chunks of time, rather than 288 hours straight, since the goal is not to actually kill the cartoonist, but merely to exhaust them 12 times in the production of the book. These chunks of time should be no more than two months apart from each other, so the longest one of these projects could take would be two years.

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