Lonny Unitus just finished his new anthology Unhinged and I can’t wait to get my copy… the preview I saw of the hand-serigraphed cover looks great. Limited to 100 copies! Order yours here quick, or you will most likely miss out. Here is the info from Lonny:

At long last, Unhinged is here! The first of many issues, this anthology comic is a whopping 36 pages, and includes work from 6 fantastic artists from around the US.

The list includes Kevin Cannon, an artist with the fantastic Big Time Attic, a Minneapolois based comic and design company, Punchgut, a Fargo, ND artist, fisherman and jack-of-all-trades, Sean Wilson, a now displaced Gulf Coast artist, Sara Turner of Make Like a Tree Comics and Cricket Press, East-Coast metalhead and fantastic poster artist Jeff LaChance and yours truly, Lonny Unitus.

The comics come with a two-color screenprinted cover on an awesome green paper, illustrated and printed by Unitus, and measure 5 1/2 x 7 1/2″. Unhinged #1 is a limited edition comic, hand-numbered 1-100.

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