I recently got a submission for Weird Illustrated from cartoonist Nick Jeffrey. He recently won a Xeric grant to print Centerfield, which he sent me a couple copies of with his submission… it is excellent. Apparently, it is going to be distributed through Jeff Mason’s Alternative Comics, so keep an eye out for it. Nick has a really nice detailed, dense, scratchy style, and knows how to tell a good story. I’m going to bring the extra copy to the next Minneapolis Conspiracy meeting for some lucky cartoonist to take home. His submission to the Weird Illustrated anthology is really dark and uncomfortably hilarious.

Another contribution I’ve recieved is from Argentinian cartoonist David Paleo… actually, he’s sent a number of things that are so great I don’t know which one to use. He’s a perfect cartoonist for the anthology, as his stuff is weirder than tits on geese. He is really, really, really good… if you want a point of comparison, his stuff reminds me a bit of Robert Williams comics, but he is definitely doing his own thing. You can check out his website here:

The deadline for submissions to the Weird Illustrated book is May 23rd…

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