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Minneapolis Saturday Open Studio, Feb. 2, noon to 4 pm

Come on down to the open studio on Saturday, February 2, at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. Meet, talk, and draw with a few of your fellow cartoonists. We’ll be at the bindery (high tables).

The recently resurrected coffee shop should be open. If not, there’s a convenience store across the street. There are outlets nearby for your devices, plus coffee-shop wi-fi.

This is an open studio — all are welcome. Feel free to hang, draw, or whatever.

Saturday, February 2, from noon to 4 pm, at the bindery (high tables)

Minnesota Center for Book Arts
Open Book building
(Just down the street from Big Brain Comics)
Minneapolis, 1011 Washington Ave S, Suite 100

Welcome to MCBA!


Future Saturday Open Studios:
March 30: bindery (high tables)
April 27: flexi-space (low tables)

Beta Testing Civilization at Big Brain Comics in Minneapolis January 24th

Info here.




You’re invited to celebrate, with cartoonist / publisher Tom Kaczynski, the release of his book Beta Testing the Apocalypse (Fantagraphics) and the unveiling of the Uncivilized Books’ Five Year Plan. He also invited the entire Twin Cities Uncivilized Books artist roster. We know you won’t mind. Many copies of Beta Testing The Apocalypse have been specially released from the bunker and a commemorative red ink will be used in authorizing your copies. After the event, there will be mandatory fun at the Downtown Grumpy’s.

5 TO 7 PM

1027 Washington Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55415 (612) 338-4390

Autopic Festival in Twin Cities Announced… Mark Your Calendars for August 18th

Noted by the Comics Reporter:

So they’ve announced Autoptic, which manages a bunch of things roaring out of the gate: 1) the obvious involvement on some level of local art-comics anchor personalities Zak Sally, Tom Kaczynski and Anders Nilsen; 2) putting a show in the Twin Cities, which is a great part of the country and a great comics region; 3) finding a slightly different model for a show, which allows it a unique identity and doesn’t obliterate the chances that previous Minneapolis shows could return if they wanted; 4) picking a great time of the year that is both open in terms of small press stuff (particularly with fewer of those folks doing San Diego) and a great time of the year to head up to that region. If they execute the rest of this thing this well, watch out.



DANNO KLONOWSKI is a cartoonist and podcaster. MATT “SHLOGGS” RISNES is a noted film blogger and podcast guest. They have been friends for nearly 20 years and like talking about stuff at length and in-depth. The seventh episode opens with listener mail, a discussion of Shloggs recent obsession, the film BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW (which you can see streaming on Netflix). Then it’s on to the topic at hand: FRANK MILLER!!!

FRANK MILLER for the uninitiated is a cartoonist responsible forever changing the direction of DAREDEVIL and the BATMAN. He also created a couple series you may have heard of including SIN CITY and 300, which he went onto ‘co-direct’ and produce, respectively. Frank’s also the author ROBOCOP 2 and 3, the writer/director of the reviled THE SPIRIT, and the creator of the equally reviled graphic novel HOLY TERROR.

Danno and Shloggs have a lively and philosophical talk about frank and are even joined last minute via email by Friend of the Show @RafeGuttman, who has even posted this video review of BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW, drawing the show full-circle.

January 7000 Meeting / Workshop / Dinner

January 7000 BC Meeting | Sunday, January 6 | 1:00–2:30 | Winning Coffee | 111 Harvard SE | Albuquerque, NM

7000 BC · independent comics from new mexico

It’s a full day of comics and 7000 BC on Sunday, January 6:

1:00–2:30 — our monthly meeting will be held at Winning Coffee at 111 Harvard SE, just off Central, across from UNM. We’ve got conventions to plan, education programs to organize, and much catching up with each other to do.

3:00–5:00 — Stranger Factory presents Jimmy Palmiotti in a writing workshop. Several of our members are going, and we hear that spaces are still available; register with Stranger Factory at or (505) 508-3049.

5:00–on — we’ll be getting together at the Frontier to discuss and share what we learned in the workshop, and for some food after a busy day.

New members are always welcome. Send an email with any questions, or check out the Membership page.

Altered Esthetics 2013 Open Calls

Besides the annual comic art show at Altered Esthetics in November 2013, there are a number of other open calls for art for shows coming up on their calendar this year that I imagine will have great appeal to cartoonists (like the show about BEER for one thing)… check out the full list with details and deadlines here.

February/March: Straight Trippin’
April: Brewers’ Craft and Coloring Outside the Lines VI – Blast Off!
May: [Insert Title Here]
June: Bike Art VIII
July: Physique & Technique
August: Time Honored
September: Fabled
October: Knock on Wood
November: Día de los Muertos and Comic Art
December: Knot What it Seams

Come Jam in Minneapolis Thursday, January 3rd

The Minneapolis Cartoonist Conspiracy meets at 6:30 until 10:00 the first Thursday of every month at Diamond’s Coffee Shoppe in Northeast.

Generally, we draw collaborative “jam” comics, socialize and drink caffeinated beverages. Afterwords, we often have uncaffeinated beverages somewhere else.

The meetings are open to anyone who wants to draw with us, and the results are posted here sooner or later (and sometimes even printed).

Diamond’s Coffee Shoppe
1618 Central Avenue Northeast
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Bus info here.

Please spend some money at Diamond’s while you’re there, even if it is just a cuppa coffee… they are excellent hosts, and we wanna stay welcome there.