Please follow the submission guidelines!


A quick note from the show committee – when sending in your submissions, please follow the submission guidelines.

None of the guidelines are arbitrary. We ask for the exhibition contract because that’s a gallery and insurance requirement, and if you don’t submit that along with the work, we have no idea how to contact you and we don’t have the rights we need to include your work(s) in the book.

We tried really hard to make this process as easy, clear, and accessible as possible – even doing open and free workshops to answer any questions. (BTW – The next workshop is this Sunday, May 22nd at Altered Esthetics at 1pm.) We even have a team answering questions 24/7 on the internetz – so don’t hesitate to shoot us an email if something seems unclear.

If you are one of the two people that did not send in an exhibition contract with your work, you need to send it to us by June 15th and note clearly what submission it applies to.

And for anybody else that hasn’t sent in their submission – please make sure to have your submission(s), Reimbursement Form (if you are asking for reimbursement) and the Exhibitions Contract.



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