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September 7000 BC Meeting

Saturday, September 18 | 1:30 | New York Pizza Department | 2nd and Central | Albuquerque, NM

For September’s 7000 BC meeting, we’ll be getting together and socializing at New York Pizza Department on the northwest corner of 2nd and Central.

We’ll be visiting and catching up, hearing about El Paso Comic Con, and making plans for this year’s 24 Hour Comics Day at Harwood, and maybe even making a jam comic.

Start time is 1:30, which means that anyone coming from Santa Fe can ride the Rail Runner to the meeting.

New members are always welcome. Send an email with any questions.

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Cartoonist needed for 6-10 frames for new blog site

Here is an opportunity that I was emailed…

“Dr. Katz meets the Far Side”
Have you ever wondered what your psychiatrist or psychologist is truly thinking when you are divulging all of your secrets and pouring out your heart? [You may not want to know.] Welcome to a new blog where Pandora’s secrets are divulged as mental health professionals express what they really think about their patients.

We need an amazing cartoonist to generate approximately 6-10 single cartoon frames depicting a therapist/psychiatrist/psychologist in session with a patient (who is seated in a chair or laying on the couch a la Freud). Each individual frame
will depict a different patient, and perhaps a different professional. The cartoonist and a member of the blog team will meet to discuss what the professional and the 6-10 patients should approximately “look” like. The frames should have ample room above the heads/chairs/couches to insert thought/speech bubbles for the professional only or both the professional and the patient. The frames will be used over for the same patient – only the text within the speech/thought bubble will change for each blog post.

Given that this will be a blog post, having a digital form of the frames is a must, and the illustration program should be friendly enough for the literary team to enter the text and post to the website with ease.

Interested parties can contact me via my literary pseudonym:

Drbreezewood (at)

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Fall into the Arts Festival, Edina

Hello guys!

We will be happy to see you at the Fall into the Arts Festival this Saturday and Sunday.
I have a tent this year and will be selling some of my art and cartoons.

Around 200 exhibitors representing diverse media such as sculpture, glass, wearable art, jewelry, photography and more will display their works alongside the paved walkways of the beautiful Centennial Lakes Park. The urban oasis has plenty of free parking and is located adjacent to one of the busiest shopping corridors in the state.

Saturday, Sept. 11, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Sunday, Sept. 12, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Centennial Lakes Park

Details are here:

Andrey Feldshteyn

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San Francisco Comic Jam this Thursday Sept 9, 2010 at Borderland Cafe

Our next comic jams are on:

This Thursday September 9, 2010 is out Second Thursday Comic Jam at the the Borderland Cafe. (We will also have one on the Fourth Thursday on Sept 23, 2010.)

It’s at the Borderland Cafe on Valencia St. in San Francisco. 6:30pm to 9/10pm.

So come on by and share notes and talk about your personal projects and join in a collaborative comic project too.

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AE on the Town: Come Draw at the Como Zoo October 9th

Kristy from Altered Esthetics asked me to pass on the following invite to you all… sounds like fun.

Looking for opportunities to draw animals in less than natural environments? If so come join us at Como Zoo, Saturday October 9th at 1 pm. Bring sketchbooks and a drawing implement of your choice. Our first meeting spot will be outside the south end of the Primate house. Look for the Ae sign. At this time we will be discussing our game plan and dispersing from there. At 3pm we hope you will stick around for show n’ tell outside Zooper Foods. If you need more information please contact Kristy or Cassie at workshops (at) We will be there rain, shine or snow “hehe”. Hope to see you at the Zoo!

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Mpls. Sat. Open Studio, Sept. 11, noon to 4 p.m.

[Artist pen]

End of summer, back to school. Past time to get going on those fall projects. What better time to start drawing on one of them than the Saturday Open Studio?

Saturday, September 11, noon to 4 p.m., MCBA Bindery (high tables)

If you can’t find us inside the MCBA building, ask the friendly person working in the MCBA bookstore. This is an open studio — all are welcome.

Minnesota Center for Book Arts
(Just down the street from Big Brain Comics)
1011 Washington Ave S, Suite 100
Minneapolis, MN 55415
Phone: 612-215-2520

Future Sat. Open Studios:
Oct. 2 (24-hour comics day) FlexiSpace
Nov. 27 Bindery
Dec. 18 Bindery

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7000 BC at El Paso Comic Con 2010

El Paso Comic Con 2010 | September 11–12 | 10:00–6:00 | Wyndham El Paso Airport | El Paso, TX

7000 BC will be participating in the first El Paso Comic Con, Saturday, September 11–Sunday, September 12 at the Wyndham El Paso Airport. Pete and Chuck will there with a table of comics from the group.

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Minnesota Cartoonists on the Radio

Recently, there have been a lot of Minnesota cartoonists on the radio.

Minnesota Conspirators Lance Ward, Athena Currier, Bud Burgy and Ted Anderson recently started a delightful weekly comics-focused pop culture broadcast, The Geek Report:

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The excellent comics news and review blog, The Daily Crosshatch, has started podcasting, featuring Minneapolis’ own Sarah Morean with her co-hosts Brian Heater and Alex Cox. You can hear the first episode here.

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Finally, Britt Aamodt (author of the upcoming and eagerly awaited book from the Minnesota Historical Society Press, Superheroes, Strip Artists and Talking Animals: Minnesota’s Contemporary Cartoonists) recently put together a two-part documentary on Minnesota cartoonists that you can listen to here:

Minnesota Cartoonists Part 1: Indie Comix

Produced by Britt Aamodt

Producer Britt Aamodt descends into the world of underground comix, and interviews a slew of independent cartoonists in this two-part documentary about Minnesota’s vibrant doodle community.

Part 1 features interviews with:

Will Dinski, illustrator of the graphic novel, “Fingerprints”

Steve Stwalley, creator of “Soapy the Chicken”; founder of the International Cartoonist Conspiracy

Sarah Morean, coordinator of Twin Cities Zinefest and Minneapolis Indie Expo

Kevin Hoffman, City Pages editor-in-chief

Lars Martinson, creator of the four-part graphic novel, “Tonoharu”

Minnesota Cartoonists Part 2: Indie Strips

Produced by Britt Aamodt

Producer Britt Aamodt descends into the world of underground comix, and interviews a slew of independent cartoonists in this two-part documentary about Minnesota’s vibrant doodle community.

Part 2 features interviews with:

Dave Steinlicht, graphic designer for Pioneer Press

Chris Monroe, creator of “Violet Days”

Ken Avidor, creator of “Roadkill Bill”

Kevin Hoffman, City Pages editor-in-chief

Andy Singer, creator of “No Exit”

Kirk Anderson, creator of “Banana Republic”

Roger Lootine, creator of “Residue”

Here is more info on Britt’s book.

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