Monthly Archives: August 2006

Farewell Brunch

I mentioned on my blog that a few of us SF Cartoonists got together last Sunday for a farewell brunch to our friend Tanya who is going back to Edinburgh.

In her honor we did a series of pirate themed exquisite corpses.

For most of you who may be familiar with this exercise, our group is doing a fun twist on it. We fold the paper in thirds, but each artist only does a pencil sketch then passes it on. After the page is finished a fourth person then inks the whole piece to give it a coherent look and working magic on the sometimes weird results of the unfolded pages. I’ll also mention that we never have any rules about the top section being a head, the middle being a torso and so on. It just happens that that is what happened with this piece, which made it such a surprise when we openened it and saw how well it all worked. Here are some photos from Sunday: