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Sunday, July 17, 2005

You're invited to be a guest at FallCon 2005 October 8th and 9th

The Minnesota Comic Book Association (run by the extremely generous Nick Post of The Source Comics and Games) has invited all cartoonists to come to Fallcon 2005 October 8th and 9th and get some free table space to promote themselves and enjoy the convention. This sort of generosity is rare for a convention (generally you have to pay for a table at a con... they are around 800 clams at San Diego). It is especially rare for such a first rate convention... FallCon is the largest comic convention in the state of Minnesota and is always a blast to attend.

You can download a pdf I've posted for attending here. The pdf includes more info about the convention and has a form to send in to let them know if you're attending. I've added an area to the form you can check if you want to request that you be seated near the conspiracy.

Once you fill out the form, send it to:
MN Comic Book Association
PO Box 131475
Saint Paul, MN 55113

While you're at it, you'll probably want to get added to the MCBA's mailing list as well, which you can do on the left side of their home page.

"The MCBA is a non-profit, non-aligned, all volunteer association dedicated to promoting the comic book medium, comic book creators, publishers, comic book retailers, comic book media and the comic book genre as a whole and has successfully done so via the convention & special event format for over 16 years."

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