Gallery of Images from the Hot Ink: Comic Art Show at the Minnesota Museum of American Art

Here is a big gallery I just posted of images from the previously mentioned Hot Ink: Comic Art show at the Minnesota Museum of American Art, currently showing until January 4th… at which point the Museum’s lease runs out, leaving them with an uncertain future. One can only speculate that this directly had to do with their decision to deface their walls with Soapy the Chicken comic strips. You can read reviews of the show here and here. Click the image to go to the gallery.

The show features the work of:
Big Time Attic
Kevin Cannon
Zander Cannon
Will Dinski
Tom Kaczynski
Reynold Kissling
Lars Martinson
King Mini
Tyler Page
Evan G. Palmer
Brittney Sabo
Zak Sally
Barbara Schulz
Tim Sievert
Andy Singer
Tom Spence
Steven Stwalley

You can visit the gallery here:

Minnesota Museum of American Art
50 West Kellogg Blvd.
St. Paul, MN 55102

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