Super Fantastica Comix Spring 2008 Submissions

 After the first, successful release of the Super Fantastica Comix Winter 2008 Edition, we are now taking submissions for the Spring 2008 edition! Below is all of the pertinent information. Theme: Fowl (or Foul) Comic Dimensions: Each submission must be two to eight pages, black and white, or greyscale. All pages will be printed at 5.5″ x 8.5″ including an eighth inch gutter on all sides. Therefore all art must not exceed the printable dimensions of 5.25″ x 8.25″. Make certain to include your name, title of the entry, and a web address (if applicable) on the first or last page of the entry.Biographies: Each artist will need to compose a biography of no more than 100 words. Make certain to include your name, previous works, and any applicable contact information (i.e. web addresses, MySpace accounts, etc.).How to Submit: We will take submissions both digital and physical. If you choose to send your submissions digitally please format them at 800 dpi for black and white and 300 dpi for greyscale. Please save images as JPG or PSD file formats. Attach the files, along with how you would like to be credited, to superfantasticacomix at hotmail dot com. If you cannot send your submissions electronically, please contact superfantasticacomix at hotmail dot com and we will determine another method of shipment. Prior to submitting to this anthology, please contact superfantasticacomix at hotmail dot com with a rough estimate of your page count, so we can take into account the approximate size of the book and make a contingency for printing options.Deadline: The solid deadline for submissions is Saturday, April 12th, 2007 at 11:59 PM CST. These books will be released in April and will debut at the MCBA Microcon on Sunday, April 27th, 2007, which is a one-day event located in the Twin Cities. For more information on the MCBA Microcon, please visit the MCBA Myspace page.Availability: Along with the usual shops in the Twin Cities, these books will also be available at Quimby’s in Chicago. Additional sites will become available as the deadline approaches. If you have a shop that you are aware of that consigns or purchases mini-comic anthologies, please e-mail superfantasticacomix at hotmail dot com with the appropriate contact information.Compensation: Each participant will receive one free copy of Super Fantastica Comix. If the participant would like extra copies, they can pay for them at cost. Generally speaking, cost will be half of the cover price. Cover price will be determined by the amount of contributors to the book.Exclamation point!

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