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Know of a link you think should be here and it isn't? While these links are not intended to be comprehensive, if you think it should be here it most likely should be.

A non-profit organization that provides financial help to cartoonists who have fallen on hard times. (
A collective website for web cartoonists. Provides an interesting subscription model for people who want to attempt to make a living cartooning online.

Artbomb (
Many reviews of comics and graphic novels, as well as news, reviews and more.

Association of American Editorial Cartoonists (

The Beat (
Heidi McDonald's excellent comics news blog.

Blue Line Pro (
Publishes Sketch Magazine, a magazine on cartooning technique, and sells supplies for cartoonists.

Bugpowder (
Besides the Dachshund section having probably the largest selection of examples of extremely early comic art ever published, the site contains a ton of other useful information for cartoonists. "A site for the UK Small Press and Art Comics community."

Comic Art Magazine (
Probably the most beautiful magazine ever published about comic books. Gorgeous artwork and production values (much of it reproduced from originals, blueline edits and all), with a huge stylistic range to the cartoonists they cover. A special treat is their "In the Studio" section, where they have a cartoonist choose interesting items from their studio to display.

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (
The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is an organization which provides legal representation for the first amendment rights of cartoonists, comic book retailers and publishers. The Conspiracy encourages you to peruse their website, read about the fragile nature of your first amendment rights, become a member, and donate to their cause.

Comic Book Resources (
Comic news and articles.

Comic Ground (

Comic Pro FAQ ( (
A virtual comic book convention online, run by cartoonists Steve Conley and Rick Veitch. Includes an excellent comic news page, one of the most active comics related message boards on the web, and even virtual booths for cartoonists to promote their work.

Comics Journal (
The website for The Comics Journal, the foremost critical magazine on comic books. Their website has an excellent and active message board. They have regular online reporting now in their Journalista section.

Comic World News (

Comixpedia (
An online magazine about web comics.

Creating Comics (
A wealth of resources for cartoonists.

CSNsider (
Comic news.

Dave Sim Memorial Note From The President Archive (
"Cerebus" cartoonist Dave Sim's advice to self-publishers.

Diamond Comic Distribution (
Diamond is the largest distributor of comics in the United States.

Digital Webbing (
Extensive cartoonist employment listings


Really nicely done comic news site.

Friends of Lulu (
Friends of Lulu is an organization to promote and encourage female readership and participation in the comic book industry.

Grand Comic Book Database (
An ambitious and wonderful online project that is attempting to catalog every comic book ever made, with information on artists, writers, titles, and much other useful information, including cover art. Browsers are encouraged to contribute.

Graphic Artists Guild (

Hogan's Alley (
The website for Hogan's Alley, an excellent print magazine on cartooning.

Improvisation Games for Comics Writers and Illustrators

Indyworld (
Website for Indy Magazine, a magazine about small press comics, and for Alternative Press, a publisher of small press comics.

The International Comic Arts Association (
"The comic book industry's premiere non-profit trade organization and promotional board dedicated to the strengthening and further advancement of the industry as a whole."

Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art in Dover, NJ (
One of the few schools that offers a major in cartooning.

Lambiek (
The Lambiek comic shop has provided an online international "Comiclopedia" reference site to the world's cartoonists.

MCAD (Minneapolis College of Art and Design) (
One of the few colleges that offers a degree in comic art.

Minnesota Comic Book Association (
An organization that puts on some comic book conventions in the Minneapolis area, including FALLCON, "Minnesota's Premier Comic Convention." (
A collective website for web cartoonists. Provides an interesting subscription model for people who want to attempt to make a living cartooning online.

Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art (
The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, whose purpose is "the collection, preservation, study, education, and display of comic and cartoon art.

National Cartoonists Society (

New York City Comic Book Museum (

Newsrama (
Comic news.

Ninth Art (
Essays on comics.

Oubapo America
A group that produces experimental comics based on different interesting constraints.

Professional Cartoonists Index (

Pulse (
Comic news.

Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA (
One of the few schools that offers a major in cartooning.

School of Visual Arts, NY (
One of the few schools that offers a major in cartooning.

Scott McCloud (
The inspiring website of Scott McCloud, web comics pioneer and author of "Understanding Comics" and "Reinventing Comics" (must-reads for any aspiring cartoonists). The site has much useful information for individuals looking to publish their work on the web, among other things. He is also notable as the creator of the 24-Hour Comic, a challenge to all cartoonists.

Sequential Tart (
The world of comics from a female viewpoint. (
A collective website for web cartoonists. Provides an interesting subscription model for people who want to attempt to make a living cartooning online.

A comic jam technique developed by the folks at

Small Press Comics FAQ (

Small Press Comics (
A large message board about small press comics.

Small Press Magazine (
Web zine about comics with some good content and an excellent links section.

Society of Illustrators (

Starving Artists Law (
"The launch pad for artists and writers looking for self help legal information."

Tools For Comic Creators (
Another great informational site for cartoonists.

University of Minnesota Comic Book Association (

A User's Guide To Comic Jams
An excellent article on comic Jams from The Montreal Comic Collective

The Webcomics Examiner (

Wizard World (
Comic news.

Words and Pictures Museum (
The Words and Pictures virtual museum website. (
An online listing of where to find comic book conventions around the country.

Xeric Foundation (
The Xeric Foundation is an nonprofit organization founded by "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" co-creator Peter Laird to give grants to cartoonists who wish to self-publish.

Art and Design Students' Glossary
Not specifically comics-related, but Alecia found it useful and wanted to share it.




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