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Birthday Party That Is Conspiracy-related!

Join me as I, Mike Toft (AKA, one of the original members of the Cartoonist Consiracy), joyfully celebrate my birthday! I’m using e-mail and this blog to help spread the word, since I’m not on The Face-book.

Time: Saturday, March 9, from 5 pm to whenever.

Place: The glamorous side room at Grumpy’s downtown, 1111 Washington Avenue South, Minneapolis. Click here for a map. There’s a parking lot directly behind the bar. Also, it’s pretty easy to park on the street around there.

Cost: Depends on how much you eat and drink.

We can stay past 9 pm, but around 9:30 they’ll start setting up the glamorous side room for live music, which starts at 10 pm.

No gifts, please. Feel free to bring a friend. Keep in mind this is NOT a jam or open studio. It IS a chance to hang out with both Conspiracy and non-Conspiracy people. Work on your social skills with the help of beer!

Hope to see you there!