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SF Jam report and photo

The meeting last night was a huge success and our latest Jam Comic Challenge based on using a written script started with a bang.

– First off writer Joe Borrelli provided a spooky Halloween script entitled…Scaredy Cat. It’s 9 pages of spooky fun.

– Next folks volunteered to do character designs based on the script

– Then each artist was able to tackle any panel anywhere on any page from the script. The secret was to keep the whole page in mind so we did not run out of space for other panels. It was interesting and fun as artist had to keep the characters ‘on model’ but in their own style.

We have a few more sessions to finish the 9 page story and we can always use fresh blood to help out. The story will be posted on-line here when it is finished.

This swanky photo below is of last night’s jam was taken by Doc Popular with his new, very cool iPhone.

Can you spot the Eisner Award Winner in this photo?

Reviews for Alley Cat and Muscles and Fights

The first review for the Alley Cat anthology is in.

The first Muscles and Fights anthology was just reviewed at Newsrama this week as well. The second one is coming soon.

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Losers Suckers Fools Noobs Poindexters

Available for download — Losers Suckers Fools Noobs Poindexters, the jam comic made at the September 7000 BC meeting.

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San Francisco Comic Jam – Thursday September 13th 2007

It’s once again time for the San Francisco Cell’s bi-monthly jam, Thursday September 13th, 2007.

As some of you may know, the SF-Cell likes to keep our selfs challenged. In the past we have set limitations and rules to create comics featuring: no dialog, all action, all environmental to name a few and had some great results. One example is our comic LMNTAL (which can be read on-line).

For this sessions challenge we are going to try something many of us comic creators do not do….work with a traditional comic book script.

Thanks to the help of a local comic book writer were going to create a comic from a dialog-free script and see what happens. It will mean that the artists will be doing there own interpretation of the script, but also working to with each other to make it complete and coherent. Should be fun.

Any level of artist is welcome to grab there favorite drawing tools and come on out and join us an another adventure in Comics.

When: Thu, Sep 13, 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm (NOTE the side bar calendar has the wrong times)
Where: Church St. Cafe
Description: The San Francisco cell of the International Cartoonist Conspiracy meets twice a month from on the second and last Thursday of the month from 6-10PM at Church St. Cafe. Church St. Cafe 260 Church Street San Francisco, CA 94114 Transit info for San Francisco can be found here:
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Sat. Open Studio, Sept. 15, noon – 4 p.m.

Saturday Open Studio
Sat., Sept. 15
noon-4 p.m.,

Please join us at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts for cartooning and conversation. If you can’t find us in the MCBA building, ask the friendly person working in the bookstore. This is an open studio for all cartoonists, so come and hang out and draw. There’s plenty of room.

Also: The 8th installment of the 12-part 144-page graphic novel challenge will be going on during the open studio. Cheer on the page-crazed cartoonists. Or join in. They are starting today’s 12 hours in the coffee shop at 8 a.m.

Minnesota Center for Book Arts
(Just down the street from Big Brain Comics)
1011 Washington Ave S, Suite 100
Minneapolis, MN 55415
Phone: 612-215-2520

Future Sat. Open Studio dates:
October 20 –21 (24 hour comic day!)
November 24
December 15

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North Carolina WebComics Coffee Clatch September Meeting

The September meeting of the NCWCCC will be held at Natty Greene’s Pub in Greensboro on Sunday, September 16th from 2 to 4.

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Re-Thinking Kirby’s Thor

Inspired by Big Time Attic’s post on the “Re-Inking Kirby’s Thor” flickr group, the San Francisco Cartoonist Conspiracy decided to give it a go.

For the first attempt, 5 artists took a crack at inking over Jack Kirby’s penciled page in their own style.

Then, to take things a little further, several artists attempted to “Re-Draw” the same page based on Kirby and Lee’s notes and arts.

This was a fun experiment to work on as a group, I hope we try more like it.

As a quick reminder, the next meeting of the SFCC is this Thursday (September 13th).

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You may or may not have already heard, but wemanaged to raise over $6000 on Saturday!!!
This completely blew-away all expectations I andother people organizing this had!
Thank you all so much for you time and contributionsof art, cash, gift certificates, and ability to drinkfor charity.
We done good for our late friend Eric.
We done good.
Long live cats, bikes, and vegan ninjas!!!
–danno “who needs about a week-long nap…and thenhe’ll start bothering you about 24 hour comic day”klonowski

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Jam in Minneapolis Tonight, September 6th!

The Minneapolis Cartoonist Conspiracy meets at 6:30 until 10:00 the first Thursday of every month at Diamond’s Coffee Shoppe in Northeast.

Generally, we draw collaborative “jam” comics, socialize and drink caffeinated beverages. Afterwards, we often have uncaffeinated beverages somewhere else.

The meetings are open to anyone who wants to draw with us, and the results are posted on our website sooner or later (and sometimes even printed).

Diamond’s Coffee Shoppe
1618 Central Avenue Northeast
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Bus info here.

Please spend some money at Diamond’s while you’re there, even if it is just a cuppa coffee… they are excellent hosts, and we wanna stay welcome there.

Big Time Attic is now officially hosting our monthly jam meetings at Diamond’s… they will be supplying us with a big old plate of pastries or something each month. Thanks fellas!

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You May Have Heard About This Already Somehow…

What: Benefit to Honor Comic Artist & Bicycle Advocate Eric Lappegard

When: Saturday, September 8th, 2007. 2pm-10pm


Alley Cat Bike Race to begin at Behind Bars Bicycle Shop, 208 13th Ave NE, Minneapolis 2pm-5pm

Comic Art Show & Silent Auction at Altered Esthetics, 1224 Quincy St. NE, Minneapolis 5pm-10pm

A Raffle and Vegan Bake Sale will also take place at Altered Esthetics. Raffle items have been donated by local businesses and include something for everyone.

Minneapolis / St. Paul:

Beloved local comic artist and bicycle advocate Eric Lappegard passed away on July 23rd from complications following an automobile accident. Eric was in the process of moving from Minneapolis to Portland, Oregon, when the accident occurred. Originally from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Eric had spent the last number of years in Minneapolis, where he worked as a bicycle messenger and coffee shop java-slinger, artist, community organizer and bicycle advocate.Eric (a.k.a. Schmapples, a.k.a. Vegan Ninja) was an active member of the local comics collective The International Cartoonist Conspiracy, as well as a founding member of The Minneapolis Bicycle Federation, a group that advocates for a better cycling environment. Eric was a friendly face around town, a vegan who championed animal rights and environmental sustainability, and a friend to many people across the community. He will be greatly missed.

On Saturday, September 8th, friends of Eric are partnering with local businesses and arts organizations to pay tribute to a dear friend and important member of the art, music, and bicycling communities. All proceeds from the event will go to Eric’s family to aid them with expenses incurred as a result of this tragic accident.The Schmapples Tribute event will include a messenger-style alley cat bike race beginning at Behind Bars Bicycle Shop in Northeast Minneapolis.

Eric’s artwork, as well as donated artwork from local artists & members of the Cartoonist Conspiracy (, will be on display at Altered Esthetics ( all day Saturday, with a silent auction and reception to begin at 5:00pm. Two original publications, “ALLEY CAT: A TRIBUTE TO ERIC LAPPEGARD” and “SCHMAPPLES: THE COLLECTED ONLINE COMIC by: Eric Lappegard”, have been created specifically for this event & will be on sale. Additional items for auction will be included, including gift certificates and highly-desirable items from local bicycle, comic and other businesses. Live music will be provided by the Roe Family Singers.

Raffle tickets can be purchased for $5. Prizes include artwork, comics, gift certificates and custom bicycle parts and products. A Vegan Bake Sale will also help to raise funds for the Lappegard family.For a complete schedule of events visit:

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