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The 365 Days Project

The 365 Days Project (not to be confused with the Year Long Graphic Novel Project, which you can participate in this Saturday) was a great blog where they posted a weird audio track every day for a year… and you can still download them all.

A few of the tracks on there that I’ve heard are cartoonist related, so I thought I would recommend them here.

I’m Always Chasing Rainbows by Basil Wolverton.

Wolverton is one of my favorite cartoonists, and now I love his music too… if anyone has any more recordings by him, I’d love to hear them. His music fits his comics perfectly… corny, bizarre, and charming.

Read more about it here.

Tom Glazer – That Ignorant, Ignorant Cowboy

This track isn’t by a cartoonist, but a comic book was made around it… a government-published VD education comic drawn by Harvey Kurtzman, “Lucky Fights It Through: The Story of That Ignorant, Ignorant Cowboy.”

Read more about it here.

And finally, the Metamorpho Theme Song… I have no idea why this didn’t catch on like the Batman Theme.

More info here.

Speaking of singing cartoonists, I caught the Roe Family singers on Monday for the second time… they now have a regular Monday gig at the newly remodeled and cozy 331 Club… every Monday night from 9:00-10:30, no cover. Conspirator Quillan Roe and his wife Kim play with Conspirator Adam Wirzfeld on the musical saw… the music is fabulous, old-timey and varied, from Fats Waller and Hank Williams covers to spirituals. It is easily the best way you could possibly spend a Monday night in the Twin Cities.

331 Club
13TH Ave NE
(612) 623-3803

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Page 4 and 5 of the September Jam

I’ll post some more of this since I missed a couple days…

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Page 5:

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Don’t Miss the La Mano Show

The La Mano show opening at Creative Electric was a blast on Friday… it was so packed that I want to go again to take another look in a less crowded environment. Fortunately, the show is still up for a month… you won’t want to miss it.

*Show Runs: *September 9 through October 8, 2005

*Gallery Hours: *Thursdays and Fridays: 12-4 p.m.

Saturday 11-4 pm or by appointment

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If you want to experience first hand the toil cartoonists went to to create repetitive dot patterns back in the stone age before computers took over, I’ve got some rare, collectible Zip-A-Tone that can be yours if you want it… much of it is cut up already, but you could get a lot of milage out of it still if you’re computer impaired or sufficiently insane and have a love for dots. The first Minneapolis conspirator who contacts me about it can have it.

Also, I’ve got a couple big stacks of adhesive plastic that is made for libraries to cover books (I had a library job for a while and I saved the scraps). None of these are big enough to cover a conventional book, but they are perfect for mini-comics. I was planning on doing a mini-comic where all of the comics would be covered in this stuff (which would basically make them “hard-covers.” I’m never going to get around to this, so you could instead! There is enough to cover over 100 micro-comics easy (as in 1/16 of a 8.5×11 sheet of paper size). Let me know if you want it… again, first come first served, and you gotta be in Minneapolis, because I don’t want to ship it.

Just use the contact form on the site or reply to one of the conspiracy emails if you don’t have my email address.

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September Jam Page 3

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We hope that everyone can make the debut:


Friday, September 16, 2005, 4-7 pm
1027 Washington Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55415
(add this to your blogs, Blackberrys, and events calendars)

Featuring special guest…flying in just for this party, GT Lab’s JIM OTTAVIANI!!!

The 168-page true science epic about two ruthless wild west paleontologists will be available for the first time anywhere, and Jim Ottaviani and Big Time Attic will be on hand to sign copies, tell tales, and show off the original art.

Bring in your dog-eared copies of “Two-Fisted Science” and “Suspended in Language” to get signed, or any of BTA’s individual books…or, hey, just come for the free beer and stand in the corner quietly until the beer runs out.

The Wild West provided the setting for some famous battles, but the gunfight at O.K. Corral doesn’t hold a candle to the Bone Wars. Following the Civil War, the (Re-)United States turned its attention to the unexplored territories between the Mississippi and the Pacific. The railroads led the way, and to build them we blasted through mountains and leveled valleys and exposed rock that hadn’t seen the light of day for millions of years. This is the story of Edwin Drinker Cope and Othniel Charles Marsh, two scientists who found and fought for those bones, and the artist Charles R. Knight who almost single-handedly brought dinosaurs back to life for an awestruck public. Guest starring Chief Red Cloud and hundreds of his Indian Braves, the gun-totin’ and gamblin’ Professor John Bell Hatcher, colossal and stupefying Dinosauria of the New World, and featuring special appearances by The Cardiff Giant, P.T. Barnum, Buffalo Bill Cody, Ulysses S. Grant, Alexander Graham Bell, and a plentiful supporting cast of Rogues and Gallants from the Eastern Scientific Establishment and The Old West, the colorful supporting cast makes for a rich blend of history, adventure, science, and art.

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September Jam Page 2

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Conspiracy Jams Licensed Under the Creative Commons

I’ve licensed our jam comics under a license from the Creative Commons. This clarifies usage of the jam artwork by members and other people, basically allowing total freedom for non-commercial ventures using the work to anybody, and allowing members who participated in the jam to use it for whatever they want, commercially or non-commercially… read more about it below.

Creative Commons License

The jam comics of the Cartoonist Conspiracy are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

Members of the Conspiracy who participated in the jams are welcome to use the images from the jams they participated in for commercial works as well.

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Jam Comics on the Blog

In an effort to liven up this blog a bit, I’m going to start posting jam comics frequently one page at a time before they go into the gallery… that’s right, you get to read them here first. Even though we haven’t posted the last few months of jam comics, I’m going to start with this month’s jam, since the main character is so compelling and charismatic. Today, I’m going to post two images, since the first one is a cover… this month had a total of 17 pages on the theme… hm, I wasn’t there for the theme, but I think I know what it was… click on the thumbnails to view the pages.


Page 1:

I’ll post a new page every day or so… if you’re jonesing for more, our old jams are archived in the gallery (as these jams will be after I post the entire month on the blog).

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