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Kevin's debut graphic novel, "Far Arden," is available to read for free online: He co-runs Big Time Attic with Zander Cannon, and they have books coming out from Hill & Wang and Simon & Schuster over next few years.

Minneapolis Jam: February 2011

That’s right. Now that we’ve reached our zenith at 100 jams, it’s time to travel back in time and upload some jams that I may have failed to scan on time. For our first feature, let’s get in our time machine and zap ourselves all the way back to February of 2011. Minneapolis was a cold, desolate wasteland, Grimalkin publisher Jordan Shiveley had just moved into town, still a little wet behind the ears, and nations in the Middle East were peacefully overthrowing their despotic rulers. It was a simpler time.

The theme this month is:

Savage Love in Egypt

Hello, Friend.
Click image for pdf — a coffee-stained 3.6 mb!

Please enjoy.

Minneapolis Jam #100: March 2011

Last night was our big 100th jam anniversary. Quick summary: We packed Diamond’s, left a mess. Then moved to Psycho Suzis, and left a mess. By meeting #200 I assume we’ll be trashing hotel rooms. But in spite of all the fun we still managed to get some drawing done, and it is presented below.

The theme this month is:

Insects vs. Vampire Role Players vs. Live-Tweeting

Hello, Friend.
Click image for pdf — a catty 6.4 mb!

Please enjoy.

Minneapolis Jam: April – August 2010

Yep, it actually happened. You said it couldn’t be done, but I did it. I got off my ass (or ON it, actually) and scanned five months of Minneapolis Conspiracy jams. Eat that, Olson!

So here they are, in no particular order:

APRIL: Movies About Cuba, L.A. Law, Revenge of the Sith, and NYPD Blue

Hello, Friend.
Click image for pdf — a mildewy 8.1 mb!

MAY: Sven Ivan O’Myron Wisnewski vs Pablo Picasso vs Lupi’s Scar vs Iron Man

Hello, Friend.
Click image for pdf — an italicized 8.9 mb!

JUNE: The Hobo King, Polar bears, Plus Other Stuff!

Hello, Friend.
Click image for pdf — a smarmy 7.9 mb!

JULY: Giddy School Girls, Pansies, and Portals

Hello, Friend.
Click image for pdf — a fissure-inducing 11.5 mb!

APRIL: Scott Pilgrim vs. The Cartoonist Conspiracy

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Click image for pdf — an ensconsive 11.6 mb!

Last Minute Sushi Submission?

Fellow MN cartoonists: If you are planning on submitting a mini-comic for Lutefisk Sushi but don’t think you’ll make today’s deadline, don’t fear. We’ve received numerous emails from people just on the cusp of finishing, but who need a few more days.

If that sounds like you, please do the following:

1) Register yourself and your comic here:

2) Email contact [at] to let them know that you have a submission coming, and when.

3) Print up your 160 minis within the next week or so and get them to Altered Esthetics (1224 Quincy St NE, Mpls MN 55413) during their office hours (Tuesdays & Thursdays 1pm–7pm, Saturdays 1pm–5pm) or by mail.

As always, for more info go to: