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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Don't Let Stwalley Win!

At the risk of sacrificing some of the spontaneity of the jam comics produced every third Thursday by the St. Paul cell of the International Cartoonist Conspiracy, I've asked anyone who cares to, to suggest a topic for the February 21, 2008 jam comic.

Any suggestions made before February 14, 2008 will be put to a vote, and the winner will not only see their idea brought to life, but will be awarded the original jam comic pages, compliments of the city of St. Paul.

So far, only Steven Stwalley has suggested a topic: "Elephants in underpants, the last of the old timers, and pancake phobia." If you think you can come up with something better than that, go here:

and prove it.

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Blogger Kathie said...
Blogger McCarthy said...
Blogger mrmonkey23 said...
Blogger McCarthy said...
Blogger mrmonkey23 said...

Can it get any better than elephants in underpants?!

Only one more day left to suggest a possible topic, then all the topics will be put to a vote.

If Stwalley's suggestion wins, he'll be the proud owner of a stack of freshly drawn elephant porn.

I really hate to hurt my chances on winning a stack of hot elephant porn, but I think there are actually 8 days until the next St. Paul meeting...

Yes, the St. Paul cell meets every third Thursday.

Everyone had a week to suggest a topic, and starting tomorrow, there will be a week of voting from among the suggestions made.

It's called "democracy" Steve. Not just elephants in underpants, but asses in underpants, Ralph Nader in underpants, and so forth.

There's still time to suggest a topic! Then, a week of lobbying, heated debate, and voting right up until the meeting begins.

I suggest the topic Ralph Nader in underpants.

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