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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Twin Cities Cartoonists, City Pages Wants Your Comics

City Pages is doing a cartoon feature in an issue next month on the subject of "True Tales of the Twin Cities," and City Pages editor Kevin Hoffman has asked us to provide the content. This is a wonderful opportunity for both the individual cartoonists featured and the Cartoonist Conspiracy in general, and I hope a lot of you will submit work for it.

Here is the bullet pointed info for your perusal...

  • The deadline is the end of the next Cartoonist Conspiracy meeting on July 5th starting at 6:30 at Diamond's Coffee Shoppe. At that meeting, in addition to the traditional jam comics, people will be encouraged to create a comic to potentially run in the City Pages on the subject of "True Tales of the Twin Cities." We will collect submissions at the end of the meeting to scan and send over… artwork will be returned at the following month’s meeting. If you have done the work in advance of the meeting, we would greatly appreciate if you scan it yourself and give it to us on a cd.

  • Doing work on this strip in advance of the meeting is strongly encouraged… we want to dazzle the City Pages readers with our collective talent, so hopefully many of you will be inspired to do something more thoughtful than you might do during one of our four hour meetings.

  • If you are planning on submitting, please let me know by next Thursday, June 28th (the sooner the better).  Mr. Hoffman is hoping to get an idea of the head count in advance so he can plan accordingly. Please don’t commit unless you definitely intend to deliver. You can email me at .

  • They estimate that they will run 7 or 8 strips if they get enough worthy material. They have at least five pages to run it on. They did not specify format, so I believe that is open. Obviously, if you run over multiple pages, it could reduce the chances of it being run.

  • Don’t use color.

  • Sign your work. Put your contact information on the back. Work given to us without contact information will not be submitted.

  • Include your url in the strip if you have a website so people can find more of your work. If you don’t have a website, you really should… if you want something quick, comicspace makes it easy as peach pie to show your work off.

  • City Pages is certainly not intended to be a family publication, and you are certainly encouraged to submit whatever you want to… but they probably wouldn’t run a lot of the sort of content that shows up in a typical one of our jams, so you may want to save the giant ball of swinging johnsons pooping in Christ’s butt for another comic.

  • This is a paying gig… what it pays will be most likely determined by their budget for it (which has not yet been determined) divided by the number of cartoonists who get work published in the issue.

  • You don't have to consider yourself a member of the Cartoonist Conspiracy to submit, although you will probably be associated with us if you do. Perhaps you're already a member and you simply don't know it? Go here for more information about becoming a Conspirator.

  • If this goes well, they will most likely want to do it again in the future.

There may be more updates before the meeting, so keep your eye on the Cartoonist Conspiracy blog. Thanks much to those of you who plan on participating.

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Blogger Kevin Cannon said...
Blogger mrmonkey23 said...

I'd be happy to scan artwork if I can get the art by July 3. Put it in an envelope or something and slip it under the Big Time Attic door (suite 216 above Diamonds) if no one's there. Include name and contact info so I know whose is whose...

Excellent... thanks much Kevin!

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