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Monday, February 26, 2007

May 5th: Free Mini-Comics Day!

My second favorite holiday of the year (after 24 Hour Comics Day) just got a lot better... Free Comic Book Day on May 5th is now also Free Mini-Comic Day!
Read the information about how to submit your mini-comics here.


For 2007, FMCD has this list of guidelines those who wish to parcipate:

*All comics must be printed in mini-comic format. Anything ranging from 4.25 x 5.5 to 7 x 8 in size.
*Interior and exterior artwork may be in b&w, greyscale, or color. White paper is preferred for interior pages.
*Comics must be no less than 4 pages(covers included)to no more than 36 pages long. Binding options and choice of paper types are up to the creators.
*All entries can by either printed up by the creator on their own, or from any outside printer. Mini-Komix will be available to print out any comics for FMCD, but only until Apr. 13, 2007.
*Story content for each comic cannot contain sex, nudity, or explicit violence.
*Comics submitted may contain ads for the creators, artists, or publishers who printed them, or someone associated with them.
*Each issue must be actual comics, comic strips, or comic stories. No artbooks, sketchbooks or personal catalogs.
*The actual comic may be either original to FMCD, or a reprint of past material from the creators.
*Send in only completed submissions. No sample drawings or sketch art.
*All entries must have the FMCD logo printed somewhere on the front of the each comic book.
*The minimum accepted amount of copies per comic is 25. The maximum amount is 75. Send no more or less than that.
*Post all finished submissions to: P.O. Box 53113, Atlanta, GA. 30355
*All entries must be recieved no later than Apr. 23, 2007.
*No comics from the FMCD 2007 lineup may be distributed or given away prior to May 5, 2007.
*All who submit a title to FMCD can give them away on their own either through their own site, or at any store signing/convention on May 5, 2007 or afterwards.

If you need any further info about FMCD, please email us!

Don't know how to make a mini-comic? Download and print our How to Make Mini-Comics mini-comic to learn how.

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