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Monday, September 25, 2006

>23 and <25 Hour Sequential Art Event Box Set

The Minneapolis >23 and <25 Hour Sequential Art Event this weekend was a blast... Thanks much to Minneapolis Conspiracy Events Monkey Danno for all his efforts in making this a huge success. Thanks also to our sponsors The Minnesota Center For Book Arts, Wet Paint Art, Big Time Attic, Pizza Luce, Grumpy's, Sip Coffee Bar, Big Brain Comics.

I believe we had 34 cartoonists participating... not sure how many completed 24 pages, but I'm pretty sure it was a majority. I can't wait to read them. What will certainly be one of the best, Kevin Cannon's comic, is already online:

Kevin has done it for the past two years as well, and now has produced three of the best 24 Hour comics I've ever read... they don't read or look at all like they were produced in 24 hours. Kevin was born to do this stuff... I keep hassling him to do it once every month and he could have a 288 page best-selling graphic novel in a year. If you agree with me, you should hassle him too... I desperately want to read "The Ballad of Armatage Shanks."

Any of the rest of y'all who get your comics from the event online, send me the links and I'll post the links to them in the blog and the gallery.

We will be collecting all of the >23 and <25 hour comics from folks who want to collect theirs in boxes at the October Jam meeting at Diamond's on October 5th. To do this, simply print 100 of them into mini-comics and we'll collate them into a box with a groovy Bob Lipski cover. Boxes will be for sale (in limited quantities) to the artists for 50 cents each, after which you can sell them for whatever you want (ten bucks will most likely be the suggested retail) and hopefully recoup the costs of printing your minis.

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