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Friday, April 22, 2005

24 Hour Comic Day Freebies

You may be wondering what we have sponsors for, so here is the scoop...

Big Brain Comics and The Minnesota Center For Book Arts are both generously providing us with space to work in... a lot of it. In addition, Big Brain will be providing some food. Michael Drivas from Big Brain and Jeff Rathermel from Book Arts have both generously offered to stay up with us too... thanks guys!

Wet Paint Art will be giving us a lot of art supplies to use (you will still want to bring your own, however, to make sure you're covered). Tim from Wet Paint Art (who will be participating in the event) tells me participants will be provided with a bag containing:

- a Copic brush pigment liner (black) & Copic SP refillable .2mm pen (very
nice pen!)
- sample bluelined Manga bristol sheets from Copic
- Staedtler 5-pen set of black pigment liners, various points
- a group of Sakura pens with a variety of points and colors
- sample Strathmore 500 professional bristol sheets and swatchbook from
- Wet Paint newsletter & comics supplies flyer

Big Time Attic's Zander Cannon provided the poster for the event, and BTA's Shad Petosky will be covering the event live on the web. The brothers Cannon will both be participating.

Grumpy's Bar will be providing us with some of their delicious food stuffs... if you have never tried deep fried macaroni and cheese, this could be your chance!

We just had two new sponsors sign on for the 24 Hour Comics event in Minneapolis today. Pizza Luce' has offered to give us some pizzas, and Dunn Bros Coffee has offered to give us some coffee to keep us going (both pizza and coffee will be arriving in the evening on Saturday sometime).

Thanks much to all our sponsors for their efforts and generosity.

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Blogger Philip Lee Redmon said...

This is going to be a great day for comics.
Good luck everybody!!!

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