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The Lutefisk Sushi Podcast season 2, ep 26: MATT CHIC (round 2)

egyptian shumba


After doing only one episode in the past 365 days, this is the first episode of what I’m hoping will be the returning and reoccurring LUTEFISK SUSHI PODCAST! (There will still be the WAYNE GALE VARIETY HOUR too, so worry not, loyal listeners!) I’m so hoping to get back on this Sushi train that I am officially dubbing this the start of SEASON 2 of the LUTEFISK SUSHI PODCAST, ergo new theme music, new episodes, and same old great content!

So, we open season 2 essential where we left off a year ago with host DANNO KLONOWSKI speaking ONCE AGAIN with Milwaukee cartoonist  MATT CHIC. Unlike LAST YEARS 2.5hrs of drunk rambling, we stay focused and under an hour this time and mostly discuss the creative process behind Chic’s 200+pg graphic novel EGPYTIAN SHUMBA (which a year ago was a penciled but just barely inked baby, but is now already in it’s 3rd printing!), and what both our processes are in tackling projects this large. We also discuss the bullshit of juried comic shows, we cry foul on people who table conventions but only sell prints of characters they didn’t create, why HIGH FIDELITY is a great film but probably shouldn’t be watched in certain emotionally vulnerable states lest it cut too deep, and much more!


The Lutefisk Sushi Podcast is sponsored by the INTERNATIONAL CARTOONIST CONSPIRACY, the ALTERED ESTHETICS GALLERY, and the NORDEAST COMICS SUMMIT.  The Lutefisk Sushi podcast is a STAPLEGENIUS.COM(cast) production.


In the twenty-third episode host DANNO KLONOWSKI speaks with Milwaukee cartoonist MATT CHIC. In an ever-increasing state of drunkityness our heroes discuss Matt’s NIGHT LIGHT COMICS, the perils of mini-comics, the 200+ page graphic novel EGYPTIAN SHUMBA he’s finishing this year, his cool dad, why Milwaukee ain’t so bad (but their cartooning scene is no Minneapolis), and whether or not Stan Lee is just a misunderstood capitalist. Or something. You are about to hear two men speak from their souls about making comics and stuff.

Interstitial drink refreshment music provided by Chic’s band DADS.

The Lutefisk Sushi Podcast is sponsored by the INTERNATIONAL CARTOONIST CONSPIRACY, the ALTERED ESTHETICS GALLERY, and the NORDEAST COMICS SUMMIT.  The Lutefisk Sushi podcast is a STAPLEGENIUS.COM(cast) production.