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LUTEFISK SUSHI PODCAST episode 22: Live from SPRINGCON with Justin Skarhus of 2D Cloud, Brad McGinty, Zander Cannon & Lupi McGinty

In the twenty-second episode host DANNO KLONOWSKI is joined live for a panel recorded at the recent Springcon in St Paul by JUSTIN SKARHUS of 2D CLOUD, BRAD McGINTY, and previous Sushi Podcast guests ZANDER CANNON, and LUPI McGINTY.  Unlike previous one-on-one creator talks, this episode instead gets rather meta as we discuss the very notion of comic book conventions, what it means to be indie creators tabling fandom shows, and if in this age of interwebs and kickstarters if comic cons are even a relevant outlet and necessity for getting our work to the masses. Since it was recorded live at the con in a ‘room’ made up of cloth partitions there is plenty of ambient con noise, and you, the listening audience, will feel like you were really there!  Thanks to Nick Post and the fine folks at the MCBA for making this possible!

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