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Lutefisk Sushi Podcast episode 3: 24 Hour Comic Day 2011

In the third episode host DANNO KLONOWSKI talks with MN cartoonists–LOTS of MN cartoonists–who all took part in 24 HOUR COMIC DAY 2011 at the MN Center for Book Arts!  Danno, a semi-retired 24 Hour Comic Day veteran, showed up at hour 13–the point at which you probably know you’re either all in or totally boned– to see how everyone’s progress was going and what, if anything, they had learned from the experience.  In this episode Danno speaks with MN cartoonists DAVID STEINLICHT, MICHELLE SILVA, PHIL HOWE, ROB STENZINGER, VICTOR COURTRIGHT, SALINA TREVINO, JAKE HERRICK, SARAH KOPITSKE, AMELIA MAPLE, THOMAS BOGUSZEWSKI, NICK STRAIGHT, TODD BALTHAZOR, PETER WARTMAN, LATHAM LUEPKE, and DAVID WITT.  The 2011 Mpls 24 Hour Comic Day was made possible by the MN Center for Book Arts, Wet Paint Art Supplies, The Source Comic and Games, and the International Cartoonist Conspiracy.  Finally, Danno rounds out the episode with a mention of the recent Twin Cities ZINEFEST and the song “Of Mice and Men” by Milwaukee cartoonist MATT CHICOREL’s band ‘DADS.