On WGVH ep.175 hosts MATT RISNES & DANNO KLONOWSKI are enduring a POLAR VORTEX and celebrating the 175th episode!!!

FIRST: DANNO and MATT discuss the END OF BATFLECK, MATT has gotten on a STEPHEN KING kick, and DANNO is mad for the podcast FINDING DRAGO.

THEN: MATT & DANNO continue their focused look back 25 years on events marking the quadricentennial of 1994, and if those events stands the test of time.  This episode we look back at the release of SLAYER’s ‘Divine Intervention’, HELMET’s ‘Betty’ & the passing of comedian BILL HICKS.

FINALLY:  Trapped indoors during the POLAR VORTEX, MATT and DANNO have turned to the warmth of NETFLIX to pass the time with: FYRE: THE GREATEST PARTY THAT NEVER HAPPENED, RUSSIAN DOLL, VELVET BUZZSAW, the appropriately titled POLAR with MADS MIKKELSEN, and the soul-crushing CONVERSATIONS WITH A KILLER: The TED BUNDY TAPES.

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