On WGVH132: Hosts MATT RISNES & DANNO KLONOWSKI whooped it up, got some tattoos, saw STAR TREK BEYOND and talk STEPHEN KING movies.

FIRST: DANNO saw DIE ANTWOORD, MATT & DANNO got tattoos for MATT’s birthday**, have an UNO HITTRE of MATT’s birthday movie STAR TREK BEYOND BORING, and give their list of demands for HOLLYWOOD after 2016’s SUMMER of PEAK MEDIOCRITY.

THEN: MATT once again gave DANNO some HORROR HOMEWORK and so we discuss the 1989 adaptation of STEPHEN KING’s ‘PET SEMATARY’.

FINALLY: While on the topic of STEPHEN KING, we take a look back at his cinematic adaptations (the original theatrical releases–NOT the sequels or remakes).

** MATT’s lovely tattoo was by DAN KYTOLA of UPTOWN TATTOO. DANNO’s was NOT, but turned out pretty decent once the infection healed.

ALSO: DANNO was on ep.203 of THE BLOODBATH & BOOMSTICKS podcast and had a live meltdown over how terrible INDEPENDENCE GAY: RESURGENCE was! Check it out!


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