On WGVH127: Hosts MATT RISNES & DANNO KLONOWSKI are back to talk STAKES!!!


THEN: OK, so after shitting on WARCRAFT for the last 8 months of enduring the trailers, DANNO and MATT loved it! Why?   STAKES!!!

FINALLY: A look back the physical world of VIDEO STORES where every trip involved….STAKES!!!

ALSO:  As mentioned, DANNO is a guest on the latest episode of Tyler Merchant’s CYNICAL CARTOONS podcast reviewing FINDING DORY and discussing the direction PIXAR has taken since WALL-E–it’s last original idea.


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  1. Swart says:

    Quick swart retort:
    I believe there is still good in people.
    Your political talk is always engaging, but it always devolves into this nihilism it’s hard for me to get completely behind it. Your talk about Orlando was beautiful, but then later you say ban all religion and make these grand generalizations about people who are religious. I’m a lapsed Catholic who takes my kids to my wife’s Lutheran church. I don’t read the bible at all, but I do believe in the basic tenements of love thy neighbor and all that. I think belief in a higher power doesn’t make you stupid or brainwashed. For me it helped me be more accepting. There are good people out there as well as fanatics. Like anything in life religion is good when used in moderation. I don’t feel super religious but I do believe in some sort of spiritual element…nature, science, weird traditions, etc…whatever. There is something at play there. It all intermingles in some way like a giant universal puzzle and is beyond comprehension. If you want to call it God or shacharey or Buddha or whatever. I think to just dismiss all religion in all forms is kind of childish and close minded.

    PS: your Warcraft review is aces. As a Duncan jones fan it made me really happy.

    | Reply Posted June 20, 2016, 8:51 am
    • Staplegenius says:

      Well said, Swarty!

      | Reply Posted June 20, 2016, 9:19 am

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