The WAYNE GALE VARIETY HOUR ep.123: Wizard World & Lying TedTalk


On WGVH123: Hosts MATT RISNES & DANNO KLONOWSKI are back to chat with the stars at WIZARD WORLD MINNEAPOLIS and talk the potential End of America.

FIRST: This past weekend in Minneapolis was WIZARD WORLD, and so DANNO headed down in a vain attempt to talk with some celebrities. While it didn’t work out as promised by the organizers, Danno did talk with LOU FERRIGNO, BARRY BOSTWICK and personal hero COMMANDER MARK KISTLER! (As well as another SURPRISE GUEST!)

THEN: Hosts MATT and DANNO had a chat. Most of it turned out waaaaaay too dark to post, but here’s what survived: LYING TEDTALK!!!

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