The WGVH ep.117: The 1st Annual WAYNEE Awards!! with Host 5 JEREMY ZOSS


LIVE from the Star-filled Batonga Ballroom of the Batongaville Hotel... it’s the 1st ANNUAL WAYNEE AWARDS hosted by DANNO KLONOWSKI and JEREMY ZOSS!!!

The WAYNEES is the only award ceremony where EVERY FILM from the prior year is eligible. It’s also over in like 90 minutes, so suck on that The Oscars!

Cast your votes and play along at home! #WayneesSoWhite

Show Breakdown:

**Best FRANCHISE KILLER,   (In MEMORIAM),   Best SCREENPLAY ADAPTED,   Best SCREENPLAY ORIGINAL,   Best PRODUCTION DESIGN,   Best COSTUMES,   (commercial break),   Best EDITING,   Best MAKE-UP & HAIR,   Best SPECIAL EFFECTS,   Best CINEMATOGRAPHY,   Best SET PIECE,   (commercial break),   Best SCORE (and live performance by the Winner!),   Best ANIMATED,   Best DOCUMENTARY,   Best COMIC BOOK MOVIE,   Best SUPPORTING ACTRESS,   Best SUPPORTING ACTOR,   (commercial break),   Best ACTRESS,   Best ACTOR,   Best DIRECTOR,   Best REBOOT or SEQUEL, and the Best FILM of 2015!!!

SHAMELESS MERCH DEPT:  Renting that ballroom was really expensive. Buy a shirt!


  1. Maz kanaka says:

    Zoss burger in paradise
    Zoss burger is oh so nice

    Kneel before Zoss and his review of the big short heathens!

    | Reply Posted February 22, 2016, 8:55 pm

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