The WAYNE GALE VARIETY HOUR ep.116: The Films of 96Platinum with Host 7 ANDY SWART


On WGVH116: Host DANNO KLONOWSKI is joined once again by Podcast Darling and WGVH Host 7 ANDY SWART!

FIRST: SWART and DANNO went on a podcast date the night before recording and so we open with a review of the COEN Brothers latest triumph: HAIL, CAESAR! (spoilers are time coded)

NEXT: As we do every year, DANNO and ANDY have a look twenty years into the past with a discussion of where they were personally–and where we were as a world–in the year that was 96Platinum! (Spoiler Alert: None of it is good)

FINALLY:  SWART and DANNO get into the FILMS of 96Platinum! 1996 was TERRIBLE! TeeeeeerrrrrrIBLE!!! DANNO and ANDY go thru an exhaustive list of THE WORST, a nice little list of HONORABLE MENTIONS, and reveal their personal TOP 10 FAVORITE FILMS of 96Platinum!!! 

SHAMELESS MERCH DEPT:  Do what you couldn’t do in 1996: Buy a shirt for a podcast!

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