On WGVH114: Co-host MATT RISNES returns(!) and with host DANNO KLONOWSKI they break down the year that was 2015…and make some New Year’s Resolutions!

FIRST: After a hellos and Thank You’s to everyone who took part in helping to make The WAYNE GALE VARIETY HOUR possible in 2015, we have the return of our new segment: QUESTION TIME WITH THE SWEETY MAN! 

THENWe have our UNO HITTRE: The H8FUL EIGHT (and what up with QUENTIN TARANTINO)!

NEXT: MATT and DANNO look back at what the world became in 2015–oh, what a mess! Politics, race relations, and the goddamn internet all lead our heroes to some 2016 RESOLUTIONS! 

FINALLY: DANNO and MATT break down their TOP 10 WORST and BEST FILMS of 2015!

Thanks to MATT for helping to kick off 2016, the CO-HOSTS and GUESTS who helped to make a great 2015, and thanks, as always, to YOU for listening! 

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  1. Janie's got a gun says:

    I got 38:42 in.
    Really good hateful review. Solid and valid points.
    Would be interested in hearing matts 2nd review …aka what were the things that made him change course and give a full thumbs up.

    You guys really sound paranoid about guns and religion
    Can’t wait to hear the end of that one

    On a side note….I was at your house 8 times last year!?
    The hateful 8
    Thanks for letting me play podcast


    | Reply Posted February 1, 2016, 9:42 pm
    • Staplegenius says:

      Liv’s Dad,
      You were over 4 times:
      95 platinum Music was so long it was 3 episodes.
      Ep100 was 3 episodes.
      95 Platinum Films & Depresso Music.

      | Reply Posted February 1, 2016, 9:49 pm
  2. Angry Django Man says:

    Wow. Matts social media rant. Strangely compelling but a bit too jaded for me.
    I would really love to rebutt that a bit, though I do agree with a lot of it

    Nice use of Rollins band!

    | Reply Posted February 2, 2016, 11:36 am

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