The WAYNE GALE VARIETY HOUR ep.112: The 12 WAYNES of XMAS! with Host 004 ANDY LUNN



On WGVH112: Host DANNO KLONOWSKI welcomes back Host 004 ANDY LUNN! 

FIRST: THE LUNN and DANNO reminisce about hanging out recently for the first time IRL in dear old Londontown, as well as some other adventures DANNO had abroad.

THEN: At nigh-on 40 years of age DANNO has finally seen a 007 film in the theater, so he and ANDY UNO HITTRE: SPECTRE!

FINALLY:  Tis the Season for the 12 WAYNES of XMAS!!!

Thanks to THE LUNN (and THE LOVELY JOANNE) for an amazing, life-altering time in London, and thanks, as always, to YOU for being patient with DANNO’s wishey-washey decisions and listening! 

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