The WAYNE GALE VARIETY HOUR ep.111: BACHELOR PODCAST with Aaron “Captain Honkass” Wallace, Ryan Coller, and Cory Swap


WELCOME BACK to the WAYNE GALE VARIETY HOUR!!! As you may have noticed there hasn’t been a new show in a while. Basically, I (Danno) while on actual vacation realized I was very burnt out doing this show weekly, and combined with the fact co-host/co-founder/soul brother #1 MATT RISNES will be very unavailable for the foreseeable future, I decided the show needed a change.

From now on the WAYNE GALE VARIETY HOUR will be a MONTHLY show. I’m phasing out guests, and so all co-hosting duties on episodes MATT can’t record will be performed by the lovable and awesome WGVH staff: ANDY LUNN, JEREMY ZOSS, ANDY SWART, DAN NORDQUIST, possibly THE NELS, and who knows, maybe even RAFE GUTTMAN for realzies this time.

ONE NEW EPISODE A MONTH begins in December, but until then please enjoy this “LOST” WGVH recorded about two months ago, featuring familiar voices on the WGVH including: RYAN COLLER, CORY SWAP, and the bachelor himself, AARON “CAPTAIN HONKASS” WALLACE!

Peace to the Highest Moon!!!

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