On WGVH106: Host DANNO KLONOWSKI is honored to be joined by Youtube’s favorite Storm Trooper: HELLOGREEDO!

FIRST: Meet HELLOGREEDO! HELLOGREEDO is the creator and star of his own insanely popular STAR WARS-themed Youtube channel and all-around class act! DANNO and HELLOGREEDO discuss where he came from, how his channel started, and how the channel has evolved over four years. They also discuss the channel’s various video themes including: STAR WARS news/reviews, Re-Release Changes, Deleted Scenes, Sagan-inspired Science, the comedy videos, and much, much more.

THEN: HELLOGREEDO has his mind blown by just how bad the STAR WARS EXPANDED UNIVERSE really can be in the WAYNE GALE VARIETY HOUR MOVIE GAME!!!

FINALLY: DANNO and HELLOGREEDO discuss #InJJweTrust, their hopes for THE FORCE AWAKENS, their love for REBELS and the WHO SHOT FIRST trivia podcast, their Worst-Case Scenario Fears for the rest of the new trilogy and Stand-Alone films, why HELLOGREEDO is the “VOICE OF REASON” in STAR WARS fandom, and so much more! He also reveals his face and name.

Thanks to HELLOGREEDO for the awesome chat and videos, and thanks, as always, to YOU for listening! 

SHAMELESS MERCH DEPT:  Congrats to WGVH Host 6 CASEY “The Nels” NELSON on the birth of his son and WGVH Host 6.5 BURTON “The Jack” NELSON!




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