The WAYNE GALE VARIETY HOUR ep.102: a RedLetterMedia Pre-Rec with RLM’s JACK PACKARD


On the 102nd episode: WGVH host DANNO KLONOWSKI is excited and honored to be joined by JACK PACKARD–one of the members of the Best Thing On The Internet: RedLetterMedia!!!

FIRST: Meet JACK–He’s more than just The Bald Guy on BEST OF THE WORST and PRE-REC! Learn of his misspent youth, his time with FUNNY OR DIE, and how he got involved with REDLETTERMEDIA! We also get into the nuts and bolts of RLM: how the shows like HALF IN THE BAG are made, MIKE’s obsession with Star Trek, JAY never smiles, and the human meme RICH EVANS!

THEN: Because he is co-host of RLM’s PRE-REC, JACK has his knowledge of the WORST VIDEO GAMES OF ALL TIME tested on the rambliest WAYNE GALE VARIETY HOUR MOVIE GAME ever!!!

FINALLY: DANNO and JACK have a discussion about of some of their FAVORITE VIDEO GAMES.

Thanks again to JACK for the chat. We went from Pretend Internet Friends to Real Internet Friends. Awwww…  And thanks, as always, to YOU for listening! 


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