The WAYNE GALE VARIETY HOUR ep.101: Let’s Kill A Franchise! with MATT, DANNO and EARL LUCKES


On the 101st episode: WGVH co-founders MATT RISNES and DANNO KLONOWSKI go see a movie, DANNO and EARL LUCKES discuss that movie, and that movie kills both it’s own franchise and nearly this podcast.

FIRST: DANNO scored two seats to a sneak preview of TERMINATOR: GYNYSYS at the only TRVE IMAX in MN, so listen as he and MATT race along Highway 494 to see it and discuss the TERMINATOR franchise so-far, what they expect from GYNYSYS (not much), and what they’d like to see if it were done right (it wasn’t).

THEN: Since the laptop battery died 7 minutes into the drive home, DANNO was going to totally scrap this episode–because FUCK TYRMYNYTYR: GYNYSYS!!!–but DANNO‘s old cartooning pal EARL LUCKES posted on Facebook he not only LIKED GYNYSYS, but TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY is the WORST film in the franchise (not counting SALVATION, which NO ONE does).  THOSE ARE FIGHTING WORDS!!!! So listen in as EARL and DANNO has a civil discourse about EARL’s heresy and what hope, if any, this franchise has.

FINALLY: Because this episode was doomed, EARL‘s son accidentally unplugged the mic and the last 5 minutes sound like we are in a submarine.


Thanks again to EARL for the chat. Sorry you had to be a part of the WGVH’s greatest disaster. And thanks, as always, to YOU for listening! WHY DID YOU LISTEN TO THAT?!?!?!  Ep. 102 will be up in 4 days because seriously–FUCK TERMINATOR: GYNYSYS!



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