On the 99th(!!!) episode WGVH co-founders MATT RISNES and DANNO KLONOWSKI are together again for the final double-digit episode of the series!

FIRST: MATT and DANNO have some UNO HITTRES including: GAME of THRONES s.5, HANNIBAL s.3, EX MACHINA, HORRIBLE(ABSURD), The EQUALIZER and much, much more!

THEN:  A couple weeks back MATT was going to see a BLACK METAL show, and so he invited DANNO, Host 8 DAN NORDQUIST, and old pal & WGVH Guest JOHN “Judas-Goat” WREISNER along for the rock.  What follows is tale of what happens when two middle-aged black metal enthusiasts and two middle-aged nerds see the bands VATNETT VISKAR, NECROPHAGIA, and the headliner 1349 at a beer release party…

FINALLY: MATT delivers another installment in the WGVH HISTORY OF… series with the story of BLACK METAL! Starting off with bands like BATHORY to DARKTHRONE to DISSECTION to INQUISITION to he and DANNO seeing 1349 and a lot more in between! Enjoy an oral and audio HISTORY of BLACK METAL, WGVH style!

Thanks to MATT for this and most of the last 99 episodes, 21 great years of friendship, and, as always, to YOU for listening!

SHAMELESS MERCH DEPT:  It’s the 99th episode! Buy a damn shirt already!!!

Look as classy as the WGVH Hosts Danno and Matt

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