On the 97th episode DANNO KLONOWSKI is joined once again by 201 Proof Television’s AARON “CAPTAIN HONKASS” WALLACE!

FIRST: HONKASS and DANNO have some UNO HITRES including: AARON’s latest issue of WASTED QUARTER–#70 “ABANDONED ENGLEWOOD” (which is more Barnes & Noble Non-Fiction book than zine), the legal “perks” of living in Colorado, COMEDY 103.1 (which you can stream!), after half our lifetimes FAITH NO MORE has finally put out a new album–SOL INVICTUS!–and much, much more!!!

NEXT: HONKASS has his knowledge of the #1 “Alternative” Billboard hits of 1994 tested on The WAYNE GALE VARIETY HOUR MOVIE GAME!!!

FINALLY:  People die every day. Sometimes they are celebrities. But most celebrities are still alive…tho several of them probably SHOULDN’T BE! So DANNO and HONKASS each pick 5 CELEBRITIES who should be DEAD by now. Not just being judgemental jerks, the AARON and DANNO discuss WHEN and HOW they should have died to ENSURE THEIR LEGACIES, instead of having lived long enough to see it destroyed. So, it’s a classy talk. THANKS, AARON!

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  1. Captain Ringfinger says:

    This was a fun episode! I 100% agree A-A-Ron should go pro with the photos he takes. This entire collection from the Gates Rubber Plant is mind-blowing, one of my favorite images of all time is from that collection and my Facebook background image. I tell everyone who asks about it and showed the photos to a bunch of people at this art show in April where I met Peter Max, Alfred Gockel, and Autumn de Forest. Aaron is just as talented and legit as any other artist out there. Very excited for him.

    I really liked your game about how people “Should have died sooner” a nice twist to What-if they survived? Very interesting choices which sparked debate, a hallmark of great conversation. Personally Tenacious D’s fisrt Album is one of my all-time non-soundtrack favorites. It takes a lot of knowledge and talent to parody something so completely and truthfully. Excellent talk.

    Captain Ringfinger

    | Reply Posted July 2, 2015, 4:13 pm

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