On the 95th episode DANNO KLONOWSKI is joined by TOMMY KRAFT, the writer/director/producer/editor/score composer/fx guy/EVERYTHING on the upcoming fan film STAR TREK HORIZON!

FIRST: Meet TOMMY KRAFT, DANNO just did! TOMMY is a filmmaker in Michigan who is nearly ready to debut his fan-film and passion project STAR TREK HORIZON!

HORIZON is a film set a few years after the events of the series STAR TREK ENTERPRISE and TOMMY tells HIS tale of how the Federation and Romulans went to war–a story the ENTERPRISE writers themselves were planning to get to before its abrupt cancellation.

THEN: DANNO and TOMMY get into a discussion about being a one-man filmmaking show in this crazy modern age where such things are possible, Kickstarting his project and Age of Crowdsourcing, of course STAR TREKs of all kinds, and much, much more.

NEXT: TOMMY’s knowledge of his beloved STAR TREK ENTERPRISE is tested on the WAYNE GALE VARIETY HOUR MOVIE GAME!!!


Thanks so much to TOMMY for the lovely chat. Be sure to check out HORIZON’s trailer and the film when it comes out, and as always to YOU for listening!

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  1. Captain Ringfinger says:

    To quote Bakula “oh boy”. Fan films are getting crazy good and I am looking forward to the completed project. Kudos to the monumental task this man has made. In the ST Universe, as was discussed during the economics of the Federation, he’d be able to do his passion. Thankfully we’re part way there.

    Mr. Kraft certainly brings up a lot of unique viewpoints. I’m fascinated by his younger take on the more recent Trek and always love to hear how any art form has challenged and changed a person’s views and perspectives. What is Trek if not an ultimate expression of how hope can overcome fear?

    Entertaining episode as always. My personal opinion of a new show would be a combination of some of the things mentioned in podcast as well as my favorite Episode of the OS is of course Mirror, Mirror and time travel. Yes, every episode is time travel related!

    The Timeship Enterprise (whose home base is in a time stable pocket universe) is tasked with carrying out missions to ensure humanity’s Best Destiny as decided by the Council of X?!. Basically throw Dr. Who, Quantum Leap, Sliders, and every ST show (especially the awesome DS9 episodes where Sisko thinks he’s a 20th Century Sci Fi writer) into a blender and voilà!

    It’s be complete chaos and madness. Ever wonder why nothing in the ST makes any sense? Why characters seemingly contradict past events even within the same episode (looking at you Voyager)? Basically what we’ve seen as viewers of every episode and movie of Trek is the best, long-term, choice. The characters still have complete control of their lives and decisions, it’s just that a god-like Future Federation Council ultimately decides which time/space-line is the “right” one for some unbeknownst (but knownst to me, or at least as much as the writers’ of BSG had a plan . . . ) claimed ultimate goal.

    The crew of the very self-aware Timeship (since they’ve seen all the “episodes” as well) would endlessly debate their lot in life and choices and such. Ultimate rebellion of the corrupt syndicate perhaps? Give me 10 seasons and all will be explained. Seriously, it be like a merging of the final episodes of Enterprise and TNG. Not only can the Rikers watch, the Picards can affect change and be the only ones who ultimately remember.


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