The WAYNE GALE VARIETY HOUR ep.87: The MUSIC of #95Platinum pt.2(of 2) with Host 7 ANDY SWART


On the 87th episode host DANNO KLONOWSKI and former co-worker in the wacky world of HOME SHOPPING, podcast darling, and WGVH Host 7 ANDY SWART wrap up their 3 episode arc! The greatest trilogy ever???  …probably.

THIS EPISODE: ANDY and DANNO conclude the MUSIC of #95PLATINUM discussion with the much-anticipated TOP 5 albums of 1995!!!

NEXT WEEK: MATT returns(!), but SWART and DANNO will reunite soon(er or later) for The FILMS of #95PLATINUM!!!

Thanks to the Mook himself, SWART, for 3 episodes of fun, and as always to YOU for listening!

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