Welcome to BACKSEAT DIRECTORS episode 1! This first installment of a (hopefully) monthly podcast is the BLOODBATH & BOOMSTICKS and WAYNE GALE VARIETY HOUR cross-over extravaganza you never asked for–AT LONG LAST!!! 

BACKSEAT DIRECTORS features KYLE POLING (BLOODBATH & BOOMSTICKS) and DANNO KLONOWSKI (WAYNE GALE VARIETY HOUR) doing not only the usual brand of delightfully entertaining cinematic chit-chat they have both become beloved for both on their own shows, but also in instances they have joined forces beforeOH NO!!! BD will have DANNO and KYLE discussing the ideas, style, and craft of a specific filmmaker(s) who has a new project in theaters via the process of watching and live-commenting on an older film in their imdb.

For the first episode to commemorate the long-delayed and probably terrible JUPITER ASCENDING, we have chosen to discuss LARRY and LANA WACHOWSKI’s most-assuredly terrible THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS. Literally listen as KYLE initially intends on defending the film as a guilty pleasure to then just feeling gross, bored, and guilty for having said he liked it. As that this is a podcast, and that the film in question totally fails in keeping our attention, KYLE and DANNO also get into pretty in-depth discussions of JOHN WICK and INTERSTELLAR.

**NOTE: This is not a “fan commentary”. We are not discussing the film as it unfolds commentary-style while watching it, but rather we are examining the film, the filmmaker’s other efforts, and, as in the case of this turkey, what we, as people who know nothing about the actual process of filmmaking, would have been done to fix the film. The point is: You can listen along while you watch the film if you want to, but we’re just so damn entertaining you don’t have to!**

UPDATE: DANNO is also a guest on KYLE’s BLOODBATH & BOOMSTICKS podcast #150 that also dropped this week:


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