MATT and DANNO are back together for a 2014 YEAR IN REVIEW on the 78th episode of the WAYNE GALE VARIETY HOUR!!!

FIRST: No UNO HITTRES this time around (though they do get sprinkled in throughout) as DANNO and MATT jump right into the 2014 YEAR IN REVIEW. First up the boys discuss what the year meant for them personally, then they move on to solve all the world’s ills that cropped up over the past 365 days.

THEN:  DANNO discusses the 10(to 15) BEST TV SHOWS of 2014! …MATT interjects where he can. He kinda tapped-out of TV this past year.

FINALLY: Some UNO HITTRES (such as THE HOBBIT: THE BATTLE OF TWO TO EIGHT BUT AT NO POINT JUST FIVE ARMIES) sneak their way into MATT & DANNO’s TOP 10 BEST FILMS of 2014!!!       MATT then submits his TOP 10 WORST FILMS of 2014 (DANNO and guest KYLE POLING will be back next week for a special WORST OF 2014 episode), DANNO has some words for BOYHOOD, a discussion on the fresh crop of 2015 trailers, and much, much more.

Thanks to MATT for being able to do this in person, thanks to all the WGVH co-hosts and guests who appeared in 2014, and as always to YOU for listening!

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